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Documentary Wedding Photography

The majority of what I do as a Wedding Photographer would be described as ‘Documentary’ or ‘Reportage’ Photography. This focusses on capturing real moments as they unfold and means I’m able to produce a very emotive, honest, romantic and personal reflection of your special day. Many people feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera, particularly during posed or formal photographs – but with my friendly, laid back manner and my non-intrusive approach, I aim to keep you and your guests feeling at ease. For the most part, I will make every effort to blend into your wedding – not by hiding away and keeping myself to myself, but by simply being polite, talkative and casual with you and your guests. I will generally not direct or tell people what to do unless I’ve been asked to do so during group photographs or specially requested shots such as a confetti shower, bouquet toss or a bridal photoshoot. When I am given this responsibility, my direction style is extremely laid back and I aim to keep things as fun and unintimidating as possible. I will always encourage people to be themselves which will help to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable and happy. Obviously I’m always keen to make time for a portrait shoot with the bride and groom, but this will be very casual and laid back, with nothing too complicated in terms of posing. I try to make sure that my subjects feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I also know that many couples will want at least a few formal group shots. This is completely fine and I’ll always accommodate specific group shot requests if the schedule allows. I do recommend that shot lists are kept short and concise because the traditional, formal shots can take a long time if the list is too long which can be frustrating for you and your guests when you want to be socialising or enjoying a glass of bubbly rather than standing around for ages!





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